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The main ingredients in this shampoo bar are castor oil and rice bran oil – both known to be great for hair. Both castor and rice bran oil help to increase hair growth and decrease hair loss, fight scalp infections and dandruff, help smooth rough hair cuticles, and are naturally very conditioning. In addition, rice bran oil is said to help prevent premature greying. This shampoo is completely Vegan!


  • Nourishing straight to the follicle to increase strength of hair, and decreased hair loss.
  • Rice Bran Oil is said to aid in the prevention of hair turning grey prematurely.
  • Increased shine and softness, you may not even need conditioner!


Ingredients: organic coconut oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, organic shea butter, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), lavender essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, tea tree essential oil.

100% Natural and Vegan


If you have never used a shampoo bar, give it a try! To apply the shampoo, simply wet your hair, then gently “brush” the shampoo bar directly onto your hair. Just a few times will do the trick. Lather up well. If you feel like you need more lather, add more water before adding more shampoo. A little shampoo goes a long way! Another method of application is to wet your hair, then lather the shampoo bar in your hands. Set the bar aside and apply the lather directly to your hair. Repeat as necessary. Depending on your water and type of hair you may or may not need a conditioner or rinse. If you have hard water, you may choose to use a simple apple cider vinegar rinse, or follow up with homemade flaxseed gel which acts as a leave in conditioner as well as a styling gel. See recipe below.

Your hair typically goes through a transition period when switching to a natural shampoo. This period usually lasts 1-2 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. During this time, the scalp is detoxing, which may result in oily feeling hair, and even pimples on your scalp. If you allow your scalp to complete the detox process, you will see beautiful results! We recommend continuing to use the natural shampoo during this process, trying to wash your hair only 2 times a week if possible.

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