Tooth Whitener Gel


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LINHART Tooth Whitener Gel is the perfect supplement to your everyday toothpaste. Just add a drop of the smooth mint peroxide based gel on top of your normal toothpaste, and brush normally.

It offers an effective, stable, and easy to use tooth whitening formula that fits into your everyday routine.

For optimum health and whitening, us with the Linhart Toothpaste for best results!



  • Whitens the enamel, rather than abrasively attacking and weakening it.
  • No sensitivity, same star ingredient as pro in-office whitening.
  • Convenient: whiten while you brush.
  • Gentle enough for daily use, but strong enough to see a result within days.


Purified water, poloxamer 407, hydrogen peroxide, methyl salicylate, sodium saccharin, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium phosphate.

NOTE: Our whitener is temperature sensitive, and can liquify in cold temperatures. If your tube appears to contain liquid, please place in a warm area and it will return to its proper, gel form.

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