Wildflower Bath Soak


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Bathe your skin in a lush bouquet of wildflowers. Like a stroll through a mountain meadow in full bloom, the soothing scent and vibrant blossoms of the Wildflower Bath Soak calms your mind and relaxes your body while you soak away the day.

Made with colorful and antioxidant-rich petals and buds blended with mineral rich salts and luxe organic oils to enliven your senses and unwind your body. Smells like: A field of wildflowers swaying gently in the breeze on a warm summer day.


  • Calm your mind and unwind in your own meadowy tub oasis.
  • Salts detoxify to help you deal with soreness or an oncoming cold.
  • Antioxidant rich petals and organic oils soften your skin.


Epsom salt, sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, calendula*, chamomile*, lavender*, rose hips, orange and lavender essential oils (*Certified organic ingredient)

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