It’s so funny, all Winter everyone made jokes about wanting to stay in, blow off plans, Netflix and c h i l l . Well, here’s a lovely opportunity, but because we have to stay in, it feels like a punishment, am I right?

In times of stress and uncertainty, it can be so easy to let our minds wander, or to just do mindless things like scrolling instagram, bingeing series after series, going to sleep early, sleeping in, and drinking too much. I wanted to ignite a spark of inspiration for you with a list of things that maybe you have thought about, or maybe you haven’t thought about. Some of them are great for your skin, some are great for your mind, some are great for your body. When you find yourself in a state of fear or anxiety, pull out this list, and remember we’re all making changes in our current lives for the greater good.

  • Find a pen pal! Make the envelopes works of art so they have something especially joyful to open.
  • Let your skin breathe- don’t put makeup on every day if you don’t have to.
  • Do a face mask. Facetime a friend. Giggle.
  • Join an exercise challenge! Check in with this group of likeminded peeps on Social, or via text.
  • Download the Voxer app to stay in touch with your friends without having to commit to a lengthy phone call (that you spend as much time coordinating your schedules for the call)..!
  • Pull out your cookbooks and try a new recipe out! Something soul warming like a soup, or dessert. Or maybe call your Grandma and see if she has a family recipe she could pass down to you!
  • Spring Clean. Burn calories, make your home a haven, and get ahead of the game! That’s a triple win.
  • While spring cleaning– set aside some donateables, make your home that oasis you’ve been dreaming of and bless the person who will eventually receive your items.
  • Meditate. There are so many helpful apps and Youtube videos to help your wandering mind slow down and rest a bit!
  • Start a gratitude journal! Commit to writing down 10 things you’re grateful for every morning. It can be something simple like clean bed sheets.
  • Clean out a junk drawer- maybe you didn’t have it in you to do all of your Spring Cleaning, but one drawer seems doable. Do the doable thing. You can do it. I believe in you.
  • READ! You have 80,000 books that you’ve been meaning to read, right? I can’t be alone in this. Make a new habit- 20 minutes in the morning or night. Or longer! It’s your habit, I won’t stop you from really going for it!
  • Do a puzzle! This is so family friendly.
  • Get outside and walk or hike!
  • Do your taxes!
  • Wash your makeup brushes ( you’ve been meaning to do this anyway!)
  • Deep clean your car
  • Culture the family with The Metropolitan Opera nightly offerings, for FREE!
  • Okay, okay- do the movie marathon, but make it something fun- maybe work from a list of top recommended movies by an expert or something..!


I hope you found something fun in that list! I know I’ll be trying to check off everything!
In love, hope, and grace during this time,

Rachel Postovoit
Greenhouse Beauty Founder