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Pro quality and entirely cruelty free! The bristles are made from Taklon, a synthetic allergy-free vegan fiber. The buffer brush has a plastic handle so it can be a bit flexible as you blend out the product.This brush is meant to buff your foundation although some use it for application as well. It leaves a gorgeous air brush finish – you can use to apply foundation or to buff it.
If you ever feel like your foundation is going on too heavy, so you avoid using it- this brush can help you ‘flatten’ the makeup, to be more like a second skin. Brushes like these can be found in a multitude of places, but the quality is not uniform. This brush is designed to not soak up your makeup, and will not leave any makeup brush pieces on your face.

Make sure you shampoo this brush now and then with an approved cleanser to ensure that the quality is kept up for several seasons of usage!


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