Postpartum Recovery Bundle

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This postpartum care kit has all essentials to help you recover from giving birth. The founder of Mother Mother, Jodi,  created this set because her own birth ended up being an emergent C-Section. She wanted all new mother’s to benefit from a self care bundle. Here is a direct quote from her:

“Birth doesn’t always go as planned. I prepared for a vaginal birth and had so many supplies waiting for me at home, that I didn’t end up needing or using due to my emergency c-section. That’s why when I created our recovery care bundle, I made sure that all items were multi-use.” – Jodi Day, founder of Mother Mother 


Mother Mother is seeking to end racial bias through donations, and education. 20% of the proceeds of the Postpartum Recovery Bundle sales go directly to Black doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, and organizations that are helping end the Black maternal health crisis.

What’s Inside

  •  5 pairs of mesh underwear to accommodate your postpartum pads and changing body.
  •  A peri wash bottle for perineum care.
  •  Organic ultra-thin overnight pads (12).
  • Organic herbal “sitz” bath to heal your perineum. Brew for your sitz bath, peri bottle, or bathtub. Our herbal blend can also be used as a facial steam, because #selfcare. Now in a new custom 10 oz tin.

Why it’s amazing

The peri bottle is a postpartum must-have for perineal care. With the ergonomically angled spray designed for perfect aim—this is a major upgrade from the standard-issue hospital peri bottle.

Additional information

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